Premium Level Solar Analysis

We use the world’s most accurate solar production estimation software. Your system’s production is calculated using 25 years of weather data, a full Lidar shading report and your roof’s pitch and orientation to the equator.

Energy Storage

Keep your critical loads such as Wi-Fi and a refrigerator running during an outage with home battery backup. You can also use your battery during the hours your electric company charges higher rates, often called “time of use”. In some cases, we can pair your battery, generator and solar so they work together to prolong your battery backup power.

Electric Vehicle Charger

No matter your make and model, we can install the right EV charger for your needs. Typically, our master electricians will have your new EV charger installed in under an hour.

GAF Roofing

We can install your new roof prior to solar installation and lump both projects into one low monthly payment. Roofing services are not offered in all states.

SPAN Smart Panel Installation

A Span panel modernizes our soon to be antiquated breaker boxes and empowers homeowners to make smarter decisions on their homes energy uses. From your smart phone you can control and monitor every circuit in your home, turning them on or off or drag and drop the backup loads you need most or least during an outage. This gives you longer and more flexible use of your battery storage system.

Energy Audit

When appropriate, an energy audits informs homeowners where their home is losing energy. Certified energy experts will generate a report based on their testing results, giving you a roadmap to making your home as comfortable and energy efficient as possible.

Energy Efficiency Improvements

A variety of energy efficiency improvements can be preformed with or without and energy audit. Improvements might include weather stripping, duct sealing, attic hatch insulation, LED lighting, smart thermostat installation or consumption monitoring.

Our clients understand that solar is not a commodity like gasoline, but instead a fully customized power plant for their home.