• Solar REAP Grants – Simplified

    Solar REAP Grants – Simplified

    The Inflation Reduction Act now makes solar even more of a no-brainier for those farms and business eligible for government REAP grants. For Example – If your solar project costs $100,000, you can combine your 30% solar federal tax credit and the 40% REAP grant to reduce your project costs to $30,000. Depending on other qualifications…

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  • 30% Solar Income Tax Credit: 6 Common Questions

    30% Solar Income Tax Credit: 6 Common Questions

    Your question on the ITC may not be here, but we can answer them when you contact us. Quick Note -if you think you’ll have a heavy tax year and you are still thinking about solar, CONTACT ME ASAP! Installation must be competed in the same calendar year you wish to apply your solar tax…

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  • CPA Tips For Tax Credits

    CPA Tips For Tax Credits

    Our CPA sent out a great article on how you can get Federal Tax Credits by improving the energy efficiency of your home. Although this article does not cover the 30% Federal Tax Credit you’d get by installing a solar system, it does cover energy audits and other home energy improvements. This is a great…

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  • Solar – Even in Montana

    Solar – Even in Montana

    As I traveled through southwest Montana this past month, I was surprised to see so much solar! Even in a state with fairly low electricity costs and 180 days of snow, homes with solar dotted the landscape!

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  • Making Money Off Your Solar?

    Making Money Off Your Solar?

    We love hearing from our happy clients. This particular solar client texted me after he reviewed his first full net metering and billing cycle with his power company. SREC’s are real money you can earn just by having solar! Contact us to learn all the ways solar could benefit you too! Click or call: 434-249-1783.

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  • Aging Shingles? A Costly Reason To Postpone Solar

    Aging Shingles? A Costly Reason To Postpone Solar

    If you are waiting to go solar until your roof needs replacing, it’s costing you more. When buying real estate, it’s not about timing the market, but rather time in the market and solar is no different. Like renting a home, your electric bill only goes up every year about 4-5%.  Below are considerations for…

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  • Fire Smog Effecting Your Solar Production?

    Fire Smog Effecting Your Solar Production?

    The question of smog effects on solar production wasn’t a common question until the recent smoke from Canada’s wild fires blanketed cities across the north east. The short answer is, yes, smog will diminish solar production.  Particles from wildfires don’t reflect sunlight but rather absorb it, causing the hazy, orange sky affect.  Less intensity from…

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