Moneywise Solar offers professional solar consultations nationwide. We handle everything from design, permitting, installation and monitoring. But we’re also here if you just need advice.


Not ready for a consultation but need answers to your specific questions? That’s why we are here. You can simply click ASK US ANYTHING or just email us to Request a 15 Minute Phone Call. We’ve helped hundreds of homeowners compare quotes or verify what they read, assumed or were told.

Pre-Solar Process
  1. Contact us for a site visit and/or consultation
  2. Email or text us a photo of a recent electric bill 72 hours before we meet
  3. We design your system according to your goals and energy needs.
  4. We will discover if you are a good fit for solar or not. You’ll understand the realities of your home’s solar potential and how the cost compares to staying with your electric company. All your questions will be answered, you’ll learn strategies to shorten your payback period and we’ll ensure you benefit from all incentives available for your state.
  5. You’ll never be pressured to make a same day decision.

Post-Solar Process
  1. Sign up: Your work is done and ours starts. Your project manager will inform you of what we’ll be doing throughout the process.
  2. Design and Engineering: Our D & E department will finalize your solar design and convert it into a mechanical drawing to submit to your utility/municipality.
  3. HOA Clearance: We’ll handle all communications and approvals with your HOA.
  4. Permitting and Net Metering Application: We submit all necessary documentation to your municipality and utility to obtain permits.
  5. Install Your System: Typically we can install a system within 6 weeks after signing up. Our certified installers typically arrive by 9am and are finished before noon.
  6. Net Meter Install: After install, your utility will swap out your old meter and install a new smart net meter.
  7. Inspection: Your municipality will inspect the system and if needed, your electrical panel.
  8. Activation: Once we get a Permission to Operate letter (PTO) from your utility, you will be notified with simple activation instructions.
  9. Operation and Monitoring: We will provide you with access to monitor your system from your fingertips.


We also provide additional products and services such as EV chargers, energy storage, energy audits, energy efficiency improvements and more.