Expert Consulting

Our expert analysis and transparency help our clients make good decisions.

Lower Costs

As independent consultants, we can remove the high cost of marketing and customer accusation that is built in a direct quote from a solar company- which can be $5000-$6500 on a 10KW system. With Moneywise, we ensure our clients retain more of their money.

Premium Products 

Today’s market is flooded with substandard solar products. While we have access to many products, we’ll only suggest the most advanced technologies that achieve premium performance, all sourced from responsible manufactures.

Tailored Solutions

Once we understand your individual goals, we utilize a menu of products and installers to customize a solution for the best possible experience at the greatest value.

Stability = Peace Of Mind

We only work with licensed, vetted and reliable solar and installation companies that are built for the future. Each of our partners have healthy balance sheets, a proven history of growth, active investors and long term strategy to succeed during market upsets.

Above & Beyond Warranties

Moneywise Solar provides the absolute most comprehensive and longest warranties in the industry. While solar panels and inverters typically come with a 15-25 year, we more than double that protection at zero added cost, no deductible and no catch. In the rare case you need it, you’re guaranteed an easily reached technical support team who is with you for the long term.

Energy Production Accuracy

Our production software utilizes a 25-year weather algorithm coupled with a comprehensive Lidar shading report to accurately predict yearly energy production.